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This is a weight loss programme that helps all women achieve their goals in a healthy, sustainable way. You can absolutely lose weight on any diet but is it sustainable, is it healthy? Weight loss vs fat loss, there is a difference. Most people want to lose body fat and doing that with a drastic or unhealthy diet isn’t sustainable or healthy for the mind and body. It takes its toll, and you never seem to lose weight in the places that you want.  A healthy mindset along with healthy food habits means that you get to enjoy cake, champagne, pizza but all in a very different way. You get to choose to eat those foods when you choose, rather than simply eating them through habit or comfort resulting in weight gain. On this programme, you will drop dress sizes, feel amazing energy, food freedom, reverse type 2 diabetes, reduce inflammation and never have to yoyo diet.  Healthy food tasting amazing.

a healthy relationship with food

Vitality Starts Here

Ashley recognises that a person’s body image can affect their mental health. Many ladies are unhappy with their body image, and it is no surprise when there is so much pressure to look a certain way!  All of that can change, right now! Learn how to not only look fabulous in your clothes but more importantly, feel amazing in your body. STOP the yoyo dieting forever.

Meet Ashley

Mind and Body Wellness Coach

After working with clients for over 3 decades and 15years of those as a psychotherapist, I know that our body image affects our mental health. I struggled with this along with many, many women around the globe I suspect. I wanted to look great in my clothes but more importantly I wanted to feel great in my body. When I reached 50, menopause added another layer of issues and I decided to tackle my weight gain, lethargy, hormone imbalance, joint pain and munching on over processed comfort food! No weight loss pills, no weight loss injections but weight loss with real food. Who knew, it worked. I now want to share my knowledge and tips with you so that you can enjoy a yoyo diet free life, for life.  


Our initial one-on-one consultation allows us the opportunity to discuss and understand any obstacles of weight-loss you may have had in the past. Let us show you how to discover and reach your healthiest, happiest and most empowered self.

These consultations can be face to face or online via zoom meetings. 

Ashley offers 1:1 coaching on how to achieve longterm weight loss for women. From weight loss to wellness. You can acheive weight loss sucsess for anywhere in the world by working together online.

1:1 Coaching

Having a personal coach will dramatically increase your chances of lifelong success, Ashley alleviates the stress of having to navigate the programme on your own, she will help to keep you accountable and be your daily cheerleader throughout the incredible journey of self discovery. This is a fun, exciting, once in a lifetime experience that will see you glowing in a way that leaves you feels so incredibly proud of yourself.  

Lets turn your glow dial right up.

Wedding Ceremony Stage

Preparing for the big day

Congratulations! What an incredibly exciting time, you are getting married.


How you look and feel on your big day will be beautifully remembered for life. 

If you dream of glowing with health then this is the program for you.

If you are getting married and want to look and feel amazing, this is the programme for you to glow from the inside out. Congratulations!! If you feel that you want to lose weight in a way that will see you glowing and bursting with energy for your big day, then look no further. This 8-week programme will see you healthily dropping 1-2 dress sizes. If you wish to lose more weight, you can simply start this programme right now and reach your goal at a healthy pace that you can maintain for life.
Fruits and Vegetables

Group Coaching

This programme can be tailored to be the perfect solution for a bridal group or family group who share the same desire - to embark on a united, supportive journey to weight loss and or optimal health. 

Gut Health Testing

This is a stool test which looks at levels and types of both good and bad bacteria, parasites and yeast, as well as inflammation and digestive enzyme levels.


This can help build a picture of what might be the root cause of many common gut issues and can inform a health plan tailored to specific health issues. 

Fresh Green Dip

WHO and WHY?



Weight loss


Hormone Balance

Gut Health


Joint and Bone health



Heart Health


Work together, individually, with friends or in a group setting

Kind Words

I have always struggled with my weight and over the last three decades or so must have gone on every diet known to man; some were even successful for a while.  But this success was always fleeting as the weight invariably went back on, often with the added bonus of extra poundage!


I had already managed to lose some 70lbs by myself, but my motivation was faltering and I was slipping back into my habits of old.  I knew I needed help, and luckily Ashley and her 8-week programme were there in my time of need.  For the first time in my life, the focus wasn’t just about what I was putting in my mouth but why I was putting it in my mouth.  I had never before looked at the ‘mindset’ aspect, and that was the game changer.  Some of it was hard and challenging, but it was so worth the effort.  With Ashley’s help, I have managed to lose a further 24lbs.


Ashley is inspirational; she guides and supports you through the process, offering sage advice with endless patience, encouragement and humour.  She has given me the key to continue to reach my goal, and I am forever grateful. PJ

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