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After working with so many women over the years, we fully appreciate that in order for this to be life changing for you: health and longterm weight loss needs to be something you feel incredibly passionate about and ready for.


Before, during or after your consultation there will no obligation to sign up to any of the programme options. It is our hope that you will feel empowered simply by discovering that this wonderful way of eating and living is available to you.


Please email for a free 30 minute personalised consultation. 


1:1 Coaching

How often do we allow ourselves the opportunity to commit to what we need? - Self discovery, time, self love and optimal health. 

With the help, guidance and encouragement of Ashley, in just eight weeks you will not only drop1 or 2 dress sizes, you will burn off unhealthy body fat and gain so much more energy. You will sleep better, understand your triggers and most importantly: realise that you never have to yo yo diet again. You will know what you body wants and needs and in turn it will reward you because:

You don't lose weight to have a heathy body. 

A healthy body loses weight.

Fruits and Vegetables

Friends or family:

You will have so much support from Ashley, however you may want to have extra support Support from a friend or family member who wants to take this incredible healthy, weight loss journey with you.If so, why not share the cost of the program and do it together?

This is available on the 8 week programme only, price varies depending on the size of your group. 



Group Coaching


Preparing for the big day

Weddings are such a beautiful celebration. It is your day to shine and feel incredible.

Brides often ask, "how do I get glowing skin, how do I lose weight and look really healthy"?

This program will offer your body the chance to be nourished, happy, healthy and you will be in the perfect position to choose the wedding dress of your dreams.

What better time than now to look at what you are eating, drinking and thinking. 


You can do this with 1:1 coaching or you may find that closest friends or family members would love to do this with you. 

Wedding Ceremony Stage

Gut Health Testing

Nutritional Therapist, Kim Parker, has had a lifelong love of food, and appreciation of good healthy ingredients. Kim studied at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London, qualifying with a Distinction in 2005.

Gut Health Testing 

Kim often uses functional testing with her clients - this includes a gut health test. This is a stool test which looks at levels and types of both good and bad bacteria, parasites and yeast, as well as inflammation and digestive enzyme levels. This can help build a picture of what might be the root cause of many common gut issues and can inform a health plan tailored to specific health issues. or on 077126 71084. 

Gut Health Testing

Styling Through Your Transformation

At Theflclinic we want you to be supported from every angle and that’s why we believe that Melissa Murrell Personal Styling is such a great fit for your journey.  Melissa has over 10 million views on Youtube and has spent years understanding ‘real women’. She'll dress you for your real life and not your fantasy life.


  • Do you want to open your wardrobe and have complete freedom to love wearing everything that’s in there?

  • Do you need know what to mix, match, bin or buy?

  • And, whilst your beautiful body is changing shape in this programme, why not know exactly how to dress to impress throughout your transformation.


Melissa and her team offer various services, including Wardrobe Re-Styling and personal shopping.

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